AlpDIRIS: Training on the implementation of the Italy-Slovenia transboundary collaboration protocol and the solutions supporting mountain rescue activities

From the 25th to the 27th of September 2018, a project meeting was held in Palmanova, at the Regional Department of Friuli Venezia Giulia Civil Protection (PCRFVG) premises.
The end users – Civil Protection professionals from Italy and Slovenia, were trained on the use of the ICT solutions developed for the mutual cooperation in emergencies between the PCRFVG and the Civil Protection of the Republic of Slovenia (URSZ): dedicated software platforms implementing the cooperation protocol (bilateral agreement between PCRFVG and URSZ), mobile applications and 4G LTE stations for the communication on disaster sites.

The training day was organised on the 26th of September, for the end users to make practice with the software tools implemented for sharing data relating to cross-border emergencies between Italy and Slovenia, including the possibility to request / offer support by asking resources to the counterpart or by making each own resources available.

After the initial introduction and presentations, the morning session of the training day was split in two parallel activities. One was dedicated to the test of the digital version of the Italy-Slovenia collaboration protocol in different scenarios:

  • forest fire and flood scenario happening in Italy close to the Slovenia border, with the PCRFVG operators informing and asking support to the Civil Protection of Slovenia (URSZ)
  • a flood scenario happening in Slovenia, close to the Friuli Venezia Giulia border, with the URSZ operators informing and asking support to the PCRFVG

Other activities were focused on the setup and test of the mobile applications, software tools and communication devices for simulating a disaster relief scenario with the involvement, among the other, of Fire Brigades and Mountain Rescue teams.

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