AlpDIRIS meeting and workshop in Bled – Slovenia

Location: Bled, Slovenia
Date: 4 th and 6 th December 2017


IES & HITEC technical teams
PCRAFVG managers and SOR operators
URSZR 10-15 persons, notification centre, teams

A workshop on the DISP application for support for the interventions and the Protocol (EMER formas)
was held in Bled from 4th to 6th of December 2017. Besides the members of the consortium of the project,
the representatives of the 4 Border Regional 112 Centers from Slovenia and representatives of the
Operations Center in Palmanova, representatives of the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia
and Friuli-Venezia Julia, Rescue Dog Units of Slovenia, Association of Rescue Dog Guides and
Representative of the Volunteer Firefighter Society Kobarid participated. The morning workshop was
aimed at testing and playing a prototype digitalized cross-border information solution and request for
assistance in the field of Civil Protection (EMER1, EMER2 and EMER3 forms) with 16 members (13
Slovenian, 3 Italian). The afternoon session with 6 Slovenian and 4 Italian participants started with a
presentation of an application to support the management of interventions, while later they
participated in analysis of demo application.